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Spencer Grammer Relishes the 'Greek' Life - page 2

By Jeff Ferrantino on April 13, 2009

Spencer Grammer, Kelsey Grammer, bikini, beach, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, Greek, actress, interviews, newsDuring those trying times, Grammer was able to lean on her "Greek" family, including newcomer Jacob Zachar, who portrays her brother Rusty on the show.

"We're pretty close. We hang out a lot," she says of the cast. "They're like family. We all kind of just bonded on the set in a lot of ways and we've become really good friends."

As young stars finding Hollywood fame for the first time, it would be easy for the cast to suffer a setback or two. But while she's a self-proclaimed tomboy, Grammer isn't one for showing off her athletic skills in public.

"I don't really go out that much, so I've never really done anything super crazy," says Grammer, whose hobbies include painting, making travel collages and playing X-Box 360. "If I started doing cartwheels naked down Hollywood Boulevard maybe I'd get more press!"

"I just kind of stayed out of that," she continues. "I went to college in New York and I've been working pretty much the whole time.  When I work, I just don't have time to be crazy. It might get crazier in the next couple months though!"

"Greek" and its second season recently returned with new episodes and Grammer points out that everyone involved in the show has "gotten better with their characters." The cast also welcomed a guest star in singer-actor Jesse McCartney

"Unfortunately, I didn't get to work with him at all, but we did hang out in the makeup room and stuff," Grammer says of McCartney. "We gossiped a little bit. I don't even remember what it was it was so uneventful. He's super nice and awesome and unbelievably talented. It was such a pleasure to meet him."

As for her future after "Greek," Grammer plans to finish up that degree and then it's simply a matter of anything and everything.

"I'm like beggars can't be choosers," she jokes, admitting she's open to anything from film to theater and everything in-between. "No, I love every aspect of the entertainment industry. It's just nice to play great parts and I think Casey is one of the best parts I've had the chance to play."

"I'm really lucky and blessed to have all the opportunities that I have now," adds Grammer. "I love what I do."