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Warren B. Hall Fighting Wars with Comedy

By Jessamyn Cuneo on January 31, 2006

Warren B. HallComedian Warren B. Hall has the type of spontaneous energy that, if bottled, would outsell Red Bull by landslides. He doesn't just give you wings - he makes the rest of the world disappear with the power of his performance.

Over the past four years, Hall has been overseas to Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, and Korea to perform for American troops - in places so dangerous, other comedians refuse to venture near.

Hall confesses that he enjoys these overseas performances the best. "It seems like the further you are from danger," he says, "The less love you get. It's sad that you have to go overseas to get so much love."

At Hall's last performance in Iraq, a couple hundred troops lined up afterwards, just to shake his hand and thank him personally.

"That's crazy love," the 33-year-old comedian says. "They said touching things like, 'You made me forget that I'm in hell for an hour and a half, and I really appreciate that.' "

Hall's currently in the U.S., with shows lined up at comedy clubs, military bases, and universities all across the country. Acting as his own agent, he manages to keep his schedule impressively full. In the next several months, Hall has shows booked in six states, as well as another trip to Iraq and Kuwait this month, before heading back to Afghanistan next October. Warren B. Hall

Hall has recently moved to Dublin, Texas, where he lives with his girlfriend.

"We have real, real old-school neighbors," Hall says. Soon after moving in, one of his neighbors, a schoolteacher, approached him to "welcome" him to the neighborhood.

Hall continues: "She says, 'I noticed you were colored, so I called the other colored girl in the neighborhood and was like, 'Girl, there's more color in the neighborhood.'"

Appallingly enough, this neighbor wasn't kidding. However, Hall has made this experience a useful one by including the story in some of his acts, surrounded by an obvious surplus of jokes.