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Comedian Daniel Tosh Getting 'Completely Serious'

By Jessamyn Cuneo on December 31, 2006

Daniel Tosh, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, stand-up, comedian, comedy, interviews, Completely SeriousDaniel Tosh's comedy is so biting, you can spot the softies in each audience—they'll be the ones wincing and twisting.

Tosh may open with the joke: "You know they came out with a blood test to find out whether your child is gay or not?"

He pauses. "The HIV test."

With this bite comes a lot of flavor. Tosh, who prefers to remain age-less in all aspects of life, has been a self-generating comedy machine since he graduated from the University of Central Florida as a business major. He's been on "The Late Show," "The Tonight Show," "The Jimmy Kimmel Show," and Comedy Central's "Premium Blend." His first CD, "True Stories I Made Up," was released in November of 2005. His new one-hour special entitled, "Completely Serious," comes out on Comedy Central on April 29.

He despises the overdone, "why-men-are-different-from-women, why-blacks-are-different-from-whites," version of humor, and works hard to create an original, racy performance.

"I don't really have a separate bag of tricks that I can do if I'm in a hole," Tosh says. "The majority of the time I have great shows."

Tosh agrees that comedians are sort of like magicians, "minus the creep factor."

"Trade the creep factor for a handful of STDs," he adds, after a minute.

Tosh began doing comedy in his home state of Florida. He's lived in Los Angeles the past eight years. Right now he has a place in Hermosa Beach, which he enjoys for the tiny amounts of time that he's home.

"I travel the road constantly," Tosh says. "I do more shows than there are days of the year, always. One of the advantages of traveling a lot [is that] when I'm home, I'm really excited to be home."

Tosh also gets to hang out with his dog, a Maltese named Simon, "which is about a 16 or 17 on the queer scale," he jokes.

Not much about Tosh is serious. It's hard to find a subject he won't joke about.

For someone who has to perform comedy almost every day of the year, this isn't surprising.