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ASM Interview: Singer Sabrina Sloan

By Jeff Ferrantino on February 29, 2008

Sabrina Sloan, pictures, picture, photos, photo, pics, pic, images, image, hot, sexy, latest, new, American Idol, music, interviews, news, updateA performer since the age of 3, Sabrina Sloan moved to New York City a week after 9/11 to pursue her dreams of singing. After several lead roles in regional theatres, she was cast in the original Broadway production of "Hairspray" and later toured with the 1st National Touring Company of the show.

A devoted fan of "American Idol," Sloan decided to take the plunge and audition for the show in 2006. Her talents went on to land her in "Idol's" Hollywood round, where she came one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a recording artist. However, one week before the Hollywood competition, Sloan was involved in a devastating car accident. She was hit by a truck running a red light and was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. In spite of her pain, Sloan progressed through the Hollywood round, but her time on the show came to an unexpected end after she made it to the top 16.

In a candid interview, we catch up with the multi-talented star to find out what she's been up to since capturing so many viewer hearts on the hit Fox television series.

ASM: So I read that you got your start at the age of 3 singing on a table at Chuck E. Cheese!

Sloan: Yep! I was obsessed with the movie "Annie" and would always sing "Tomorrow" and one time at Chuck E. Cheese, I guess I just decided I wanted to belt it out on my own stage (up on the table!). I also used to sing my "ABC's" and "Ebony and Ivory" into the tape recorder on our stereo at home.

ASM: Tell me a little bit about your childhood. You were playing the piano and seemed to find that interest in music and performing right from the start.

Sloan: Music was always a part of my life. Both sides of my family had musicians and singers in it, and both my parents were capable singers, but no one in my family really pursued a career in the field. I think my mom recognized my love for music and helped to encourage my talent very early. I sang in my children's choir at church and I started to play the piano very young and learn the theory of the music, how to read, form chords, etc. It just all came very naturally to me and I would spend hours at the piano doing my own concert — figuring out how to play my favorite songs and then playing and singing along.

ASM: After being being born in New York, your family relocated to Southern California when you were just about a year old.

Sloan: My father worked for American Airlines and transferred from LaGuardia to LAX. So although I consider myself a California girl, when I went back to live in New York after college, something felt very at home about the East Coast too, probably because my family was rooted there for so long. I still consider myself bicoastal.

ASM: You earned your Bachelor's Degree in Musical Theatre and Communication Studies at Northwestern University. How did you end up at Northwestern and how important was your training there?

Sloan: It was down to UCLA (where my older sister went) and Northwestern. I even sent in both acceptance letters. I had lived in California practically my whole life, and though there was part of me that wanted to stay close to home and friends, I knew going away for college was an opportunity to spread my wings. I actually give credit to my high school drama teacher, Kathy Harris, who went to Northwestern for grad school, for encouraging me to take the opportunity to go to NU, not only because of their outstanding conservatory-like department and the training she knew I would receive, but because I think she recognized the need for me to get away and gain some independence by leaving home. I still hold on to a postcard she gave me with this quote: "RISK: Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." Indeed I did discover new oceans. The acting and vocal training there was outstanding. Most of all I gained a new confidence in my abilities and my potential.